Wolves Chase Actors Across Stage During Live Show

Footage of wolves chasing actors during a live-action show has gone viral.

A video of wolves chasing actors across the stage during a live-action show in China has raised concerns about whether adequate safety and security measures are taken during such performances. The wolves were part of a show titled ‘Tuoling Legend’ or ‘The Legend of Camel Bell’, which tells the history of the Silk Road. According to the website of Huaxia Cultural Tourism, the company that conducted the performance, wolves feature in one of seven scenes in the performance. The show also features camels.

Footage of a recent performance of the show has gone viral on social media for all the wrong reasons. It shows the wolves, who don’t appear to be wearing leashes or harnesses, rushing onstage, chasing actors and even jumping into the aisles between audience seats. Members of the audience can be heard screaming as the animals continue their rampage and, at one point, even pin down an actor.

The incident took place in a theater in the northwestern city of Xi’an. Footage of the wolves chasing the actors has gone massively viral on Chinese social media website Weibo, racking up more than 433 million views.