New Hampshire boy shooting chipmunks strikes uncle in ‘freak accident’: police

A 8-year-old boy accidentally shot his uncle in the head while they were shooting chipmunks in New Hampshire, according to local reports.

The man’s injuries were not life-threatening.

Milton Police Chief Richard Krauss told local newspaper Foster’s Daily Democrat that it was “truly just a freak accident.”

“It’s not against the law for anyone to teach a child how to shoot and take them hunting, even at 8 years old,” he told the newspaper.

Krauss noted that some kids “learn how to hunt and shoot a lot younger than that.”

Police said the bullet shot by the 8-year-old ricocheted after killing a chipmunk and hit the man in the head.

The 32-year-old uncle was injured Friday in Milton and is expected to recover, according to the report.